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Hi! My name is Alison.  I am a fine arts and lifestyle portrait and wedding photographer based in McKinney, Texas.

My first love affair happened when I was 14… I fell head over heels in love… with the coarseness and coldness of his skin, the weight of him in my hands… his name was Pentax K1000.  Now just look at that beauty…

Pentax and I later discovered together the joy of the darkroom… ahhh, just inhale… the intoxicating scent of the develop, stop and fix chemicals… the miracle birth of images after images.  I was hooked.

It wasn’t all sunshine and roses.  Pentax and I had our ups and downs.  In the first semester of freshman year, I struggled immensely and barely passed my photography class.  So much that I actually quit the class for the second semester.  I guess you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, because I found myself missing my beloved Pentax (and develop and stop and fix) so much that I signed up for classes once again.  So Pentax and I continued our little affair more or less throughout high school.  We ended on a really good note… winning the Boston Globe Golden Key award and a spot in the Young Women’s Photography Exhibit.

Alas, as life and reality took over, I decided to be practical and became an accountant so that I would have a steady job after graduating from college.  However, I could never forget my first love.  Years after meeting my first love, I married a wonderful man (a real person this time), who bought me my first DSLR.  It has changed my life since then.  I rediscovered slowing down and appreciating the little details all around me, enjoying the simple pleasures of life, and making dreams come true through my images.  I fell right back head over heels in love all over again.

Portrait photography has always been my passion.  Even in high school, my best work were always portraiture.  I love using images to tell the stories and feelings of the person I am photographing, and I love capturing their true beauty and helping them see it.  The moment that I knew portrait photography was what I wanted to do in life, was when a woman I photographed said to me, “I never knew I could look so beautiful.”  So now I am on a new mission in life, to pursue dreams that I never thought I could pursue, to capture souls and remind everyone just how beautiful they really are.