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Ariel’s ZhuaZhou Ceremony

I cannot believe my baby baby baby turned ONE!!!  She keeps trying to stand up and I keep knocking her down. No growing up allowed here! Hahaha!

Soooo, in accordance with Chinese tradition, we held a zhuazhou ceremony for her.  (See here for her big sister’s zhuazhou ceremony.)  As explained in my previous post,  it is a Chinese tradition that when the baby turns one, the parents hold this ceremony to express their good wishes for the child.  The parents place different items in front of the child and the child’s chosen item represents her future career path.  Again, I was hoping to acquire some classic Chinese items for a cute photo shoot, but alas, this underachieving mom grabbed whatever is closest and made them work.  At least I changed the baby into a decent outfit, OK? I’m accomplished.

The items that were placed down were:

Calculator representing accountant (like mama), camera representing photographer (like mama again), drum toy representing musician, book representing scholar, calligraphy brush representing writer (like dada), measuring tape representing architect/designer, knife/sword representing law enforcement (or ninja), syringe representing doctor, and red envelope containing money representing banker.

Awwwww we are not in the mood for zhuazhou right now! thank you bye bye.

It doesn’t help that we have a little “unhelper” now….

I don’t care about my fortune! I want a nap!

Zhuazhou…. #fail

After a bottle and a nap, we are feeling much better and ready to take on the future!  From here on, all photo credits go to Uncle Alex.  Mama’s little girl would have just crawled toward wherever mama was, so I had to be toddler prison warden bystander this time.

She makes a bee line for…….

Accountant and proud!!

Our unhelper went on to steal baby girl’s fortune.

So our baby girl moved on to her second career… behold!

Photographer and proud! <3

Look ma, I can use the calculator as a reflector to light up my face too ~~

Ariel Zhuazhou-054_editweb

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