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audrey’s zhuazhou ceremony

My baby girl is turning the big O-N-E.  Her gong (grandpa) and uncle came in town to celebrate, and we held a zhuazhou ceremony.  It’s a Chinese tradition that when the baby turns one, the parents hold this ceremony to express their good wishes for the child.  The parents place different items in front of the child and the child’s chosen item represents her future career path.  I was hoping to acquire some classic Chinese items for a cute photo shoot, but we went with what we had available at the moment.  The items that were placed down were:

Scissors representing seamstress, drum toy representing musician, stamp representing politician, calligraphy brush representing writer, deck of cards representing gambler (haha – really people, it’s just for fun), syringe representing doctor, camera representing photographer (like mama), calculator representing accountant (like mama again), tennis ball representing athlete, microphone representing singer, orange representing farmer and red envelopes containing money representing banker.

Here is my bub-bub getting ready for her big revealing moment, putting on her bling and fluffing her hair:


grab-006_editweb   grab-010_editweb


Let’s see what my baby girl’s future career path is…

grab-021_editwebgrab-020_editweb   grab-023_editwebgrab-026_editweb

Naturally, being a child of mine, she goes straight for food… I guess this wasn’t really fair, so we went for two out of three:

grab-031_editwebgrab-034_editwebgrab-036_editwebgrab-037_editwebgrab-044_editweb   grab-046_editweb

Well, the girl does love sounds! So I guess musician it is! But… a little money wouldn’t hurt either…




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