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Poor second borns always get shafted… Audrey had a little get-together for her one-month birthday (a big deal in Chinese culture), complete with amazing home-cooking by my mom, a cake from the Chinese bakery and a photo shoot with her diaper cake.  In fact, I believe almost every single minute of Audrey’s first two years were documented somehow, on iphone, on p&s camera and on my “real” camera.  Poor Ariel didn’t even get a cake for her one-month birthday, and only got one lame quick photo on my “real” camera on some random day.  We promised ourselves that we would celebrate her two-month birthday instead. We are a few days late, but we did manage to squeeze in a little photo shoot for her with her little baby cake from Joe’s Produce. In a way, I am glad we captured her two month photos as she has grown more into her features and is more interactive with us.

For example, little Ariel has started smiling at us.  I am glad to be able to capture her pretty smile with her cute little dimples.

Ariel 2 months-045_editwm

She also has two hair whorls, which means that all of her hair grows toward the middle ~ rocking that fauxhawk.  Her lashes have grown long and thick, which are definitely proud daddy’s contribution.

Born in the year of the sheep, these are grandma and great-grandma’s gifts.

Mmmmm…. cake!

Who says cake smash is only for one year birthday!

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This was an amazing session with an amazing girl.  She was such a natural in front of the camera, was open to all of my ideas and added her own flair to the shoot.  When she willingly walked into the river without hesitation, I knew she was my girl!  Her poor father though… I hope he is ready to send this little heartbreaker off to college!



And this is my favorite shot of the session…


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I spent a beautiful Saturday evening with the Lin family, skipping over rocks in the river, strolling through the wooded pathways and having great conversations over our shared cultures. Amy and Jeffrey’s energy was infectious and their antics hilarious. It seems that only families with little kids get family photos done now-a-days, so it was really great to photograph a family with teenagers.  It gives me hope that one day, my teenage daughters will actually still want to spend time with me… Wish much?

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I have always wanted to shoot a senior session, and I finally got my opportunity with Carolyn.  High school senior portraits these days are a far cry from my own yearbook picture in the 90’s… fake smile with hand awkwardly placed under the chin and laser beam background drop….  The senior shoot now is more of a fashion photo shoot that captures who the senior is as an individual and preserves the memories of their high school years.  Carolyn showed up a little nervous and unsure of herself, I mean, who wouldn’t! But I love that she let out her inner model for me and rocked her session.

Congratulations Carolyn.  This is such an exciting time in your life!  I wish you the best of luck in your senior year of high school, college and beyond.  Oh, and if you ever have accounting homework questions, you know that I’m your girl. 😉

Carolyn Zhang Senior Blog_6


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We were hoping for beautiful summer sun in a wooded park; we got muted grace in a quaint little downtown.  Sometimes when things don’t go the way you hope, you end up with something even better.  Kathryn and I had a wonderful time walking around downtown Northville, exploring the charming little corners and shops.  The cloud cover provided beautiful even lighting, perfectly reflecting the mood of the shoot and the grace of Kathryn’s dance.  This is my favorite way to photograph; directing and capturing fluid movements rather than providing exact poses.  Kathryn was also wonderful at directing herself, dancing like no one was watching (and there were definitely people watching!).

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